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22 September 2014 @ 01:50 am
Had a trip down memory lane when I replaying FFVIII with a friend tonight (who, granted, played it for the first time! Shock I know!) and remembered this old place.

So I'm curious to know who's still here on livejournal?

I feel like it's such a shame to have lost contact with all the good friends I made here years ago, so I'm thinking of either "reintroducing" myself and picking up writing here again, or at the least finding out if you guys hang out in different places on the interwebs (tumblr, twitter, instagram, snapchat, etc. ??) and if you're willing to pick up where we left off?

Also I know I said I'd start a new journal (which I did, but then promptly ended up not using at all) but old habits die hard and I realized I'm really quite attached to this journal, with all its baggage, memories and mythe history it carries with it. So there you go.
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04 February 2013 @ 02:36 pm
So I've decided to move journals.

Possibly not forever, it might not be permanent. But I feel like there is so much associated with this journal that I sort of want to move away from & I'm having a hard time taking up writing here again. So I figured a fresh start is the best start!

I don't even know how many of you are still on here? And if you are, how many of you actually read/follow me anymore. Feel free to message me privately and I'll give you the new eljay-account name.

Take care babes!
09 January 2012 @ 01:03 am
The excitement of having your dad prepare dinner for once, as he rarely ever cooks anything now-a-days.

And then the immense disappointment and ensuing pain after you realize that he doesn't even remember your allergies. On top of the back aches and the searing pain in my leg, now this... indeed it looks to be a long sleepless night... agh, what is this fuckery that is supposedly my life at present.
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13 November 2011 @ 08:30 pm
Sorry for being shit at posting here. Tumblr sort of ate my life, which is ironic since I actually feel more at home here. But It's so convenient and simple to post, reblog and generally spazz over at tumblr that might have possibly. somewhat. only. slightly gotten me hooked.

But anyway, I made a little 'banner' for HBO WAR FANDOM the other day. This is for you mssamyx ♥ Take care of yourself, don't stress and know that I've always got your six.

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26 October 2011 @ 02:46 am
I had a lucid dream the other night, a Generation Kill & McDanno!Hawaii 5-0 fandom dream (although not a crossover!).

I have most amazing fandom dreams, I shit you not.Collapse )

The abrupt endings to the dream left me with a serious craving for some well written fanfics on the subject though...
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23 October 2011 @ 11:27 pm
New (EPIC AWESOME) computer, but no messengerbarely anything installed. So I'm bored....

Entertain me?
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13 October 2011 @ 01:47 am
IRL I'm usually not socially awkward. I'm actually quite the opposite. So how can it be that I get super uncomfortable and awkward when interacting with people on the internet?? I'm like the inverse of normally socially awkward people. Is this a good thing? Or incredibly pathetic and sad? Haha, IDK. But I find it really amusing. And annoying. And awkward. But mostly amusing. //end random thought.

okay random posting because I still love livejournal despite tumblr eating my soul lately.

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04 October 2011 @ 11:44 pm

another blatant tumblr repost, but srsly, it's not like many of you are following me there anyway! :P

My newfound love for H50 is still going strong, but episode 1.04 & 1.05 proved disappointing. From what I understand the reason there was little interaction between Steve & Danny in those episodes was because Scott Caan tore his ACL, his injury got written into the script, and subsequently our Danny couldn't keep up with Steve's love for running after bad-guys. What it didn't do was explain Steve's sudden love-interest Cath.

It's not that I don't like her, because she seems cool enough, it's just that I hate how oftentimes when a female solider/marine gets introduced in a show she's turned into a convenient love-cushion for the hero. Yeah, sure, cause she joined the Navy to get the good-looking jock from high school. -le sigh- If you think I'm nitpicking... Just ask yourself the question: how often does it happen when you introduce a male soldier/marine character?

Another thing that became obvious in those two episodes is how important the dynamic between Steve and Danny is for the show. It's really the glue that holds it together (especially when the actual story/action doesn't really cut it). I wish CBS tried proving they are a New-Gen Network, but yeah, like that's gonna happen.

The show redeemed itself in 1.06 with a gripping story and Steve proclaiming his undying love for Danny explaining the reason behind his "thing" with Danno:

Steve: When I say "book em' Danno" it's a term of endearment.

Danny: Ok, do it every day... I like it.

Hawaii Five-0 1.06 - "Ko’olauloa (the North Shore of O’ahu)"

So with the second season already started I have quite a bit of catching up to do. I have heard some worrying spoilers things though... So do please tell me, am I right in getting emotionally invested in H50? Is there hope yet? I sure hope so!

/end new-fandom rant
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01 October 2011 @ 01:05 am

I have tumblr. Let me know if you're on there and I shall add you!

Also, this is totally a repost from tumblr. I'm lazy and it's late.

McGarrett: Your captain said you transferred in from New Jersey six months ago, so your eye's still fresh.

Danny: You know, I appreciate it, but my psych eval's not for six weeks.

McGarrett: Fold-out bed, no ring on your finger—you obviously moved here to be close to your daughter. Which means in between visits, all you got is your job, and you take pride in it. That’s what I'm looking for.

Danny: Yeah, but you know what? It's guys like you who think you know how to do everything better, and that only makes my job harder.

McGarrett: You got no choice, detective. The governor gave me jurisdiction; I'm making you my partner. We're gonna get along great.

Watched the first episode of Hawaii Five-0 today. For all its super corny and over-the-top drama I will definitely keep watching this show. If only for its character! Chin is pretty cool and Kono was a total BAMF, but most of all I love the snarky exchages between Steve and Danny. It's only the first episode and they are already bickering like an old couple!

Anyone else watching it? What are your thoughts?

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20 September 2011 @ 11:40 pm
Finally, DADT is dead. I want to congratulate the US Armed Forces in a step towards acceptance and more equality. And also express my support to all the brave soldiers who have been and are affected by DADT and it's aftermath. I may not be an American citizen, but I am none-the-less proud of anyone putting their life on the line to serve their country! Regardless of sexuality, gender, ethnicity, religion or political views.

"Today, the discriminatory law known as 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell' is finally and formally repealed. As of today, patriotic Americans in uniform will no longer have to lie about who they are in order to serve the country they love. As of today, our armed forces will no longer lose the extraordinary skills and combat experience of so many gay and lesbian service members. And today, as Commander in Chief, I want those who were discharged under this law to know that your country deeply values your service."
President Barack Obama

And on the subject here are some happy stories related to the repeal:

Navy officer weds partner as gay ban ends.
"Do Ask, Do Tell of the Day: Navy Lt. Gary Ross (r) and his partner of 11 years, Dan Swezy, exchange vows at 12:01 AM on September 20, 2011 the moment Don't Ask, Don't Tell officially became null and void.

The Arizona couple chose to tie the knot in Vermont so they could be legally united at the first possible moment after the discriminatory law's official repeal."

Out and Proud to Serve.
"A prominent gay rights advocate (creator of OutServe) who called himself J. D. Smith is in fact 1st Lt. Josh Seefried, a 25-year-old active-duty Air Force officer. At 12:01 a.m. Tuesday, he dropped the pseudonym, freed from keeping his sexual orientation secret like an estimated tens of thousands of others in the United States military."

User AreYouSurprised on YouTube.
This is a video-blog of a soldier serving in the US Military and his steps towards openness about sexuality and stepping out of the closet. He started out not showing his face (b/c of DADT), but in the latest video he shared his coming out to his father with the world uncensored. It's brave and inspiring! (The actual call starts around 2:20).

I had a pretty lousy day, but just knowing that today marks one great victory in the fight for equal rights for LGBT people in America (and internationally) made it a really good day after all! Let's keep believing people!
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