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Radical Dreamer

3 August
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[Once In A Lifetime]

.i threw caution with the wind.
.ända mot ända kan ingenting hända. .snopp mot snopp är allting på topp.

I used to be better at posting here. Since then I finished school, got a job and started attending higher education. Oh, and also... tumblr & twitter happened. But I'm still an obsessed nerd and I still waste spend all excess time with fandom related things. Although unfortunately I've become somewhat lurkerish. I think it's because I procrastinate too much... I'm still the optimistic and talkative type, once the chance is given. And I gush, fag and CAPSLOCK ABUSE!1 just about as much as most.

Nowadays I usually go by Cheshire or Fille.

Me [currently].
FANDOM [Generation Kill & TEEN WOLF], TV SERIES [Fringe & Political Animal & Shameless US & Supernatural & Happy Endings], 801 [], video-gaymer [Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3], computer gaymer [Amnesia & Battlefield 3] RP [Teen Wolf], LARP [FYRIEN], BYOD [Pathfinder], Tabletop [Arkham Horror], Cosplay [Sahara - Kaiji & Zell - FFVIII], Riding [Horses♦], Baseball&Softball [Left Right Second], Tennis [Soft Tennis], DREAMING [Electric Sheep & Cthulhu Fhtagn], Books [Catch 22 & Nightrunner series] & manga [Rookies], Geek [Star Wars & Doctor Who], Nerd [Star Trek & Torchwood], skater [Stapelbäddsparken], comics [X-men] Future [Pay-per-Muse & Art Department] Meanwhile [studying Performing Arts Design & GMU?].

My Journal
Anyone is welcome to friend me. My journal is open. I do post private entries from time-to-time, more often recently actually. But the "fun stuff" usually still stays open to public. Doubt anyone really reads profile pages anymore (or ever did). But I still do, so..

Most of my posts are open. Though picture posts and private stuff are always under friends only/cut.

I have a cut called smut-group. If you want to be part of it then click here and tell me.

Henohenomoheji; scanlations and doujinshi journal.

三橋と阿部がキャッチボールを 三(((゜◇゜)ノ ~ ~ ヾ°_______ ¢(仝ω仝)b ← キモベはキモいです。

Any sort of Courtesy.

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